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HyperThyroidism is a metabolic disorder, characterized by the excessive production of thyroxin by the Thyroid gland. The increased metabolism causes loss of weight and symptoms such as trembling and sweating of hands.

Causes :

  • Autoimmune Disorder

  • excess iodine, a key ingredient in T4 and T3

  • Thyroiditis, or inflammation of the Thyroid, which causes T4 and T3 to leak out of the gland

  • Tumors of the ovaries or testes

  • Benign tumors of the Thyroid or pituitary gland

  • Large amounts of tetraiodothyronine taken through dietary supplements or medication

Symptoms :

  • Excessive hunger

  • Frequent bowel movements

  • Nervousness

  • Intolerance towards heat

  • Difficulty to concentrate

  • Scanty or irregular menstruation

  • Fatigue

  • Weight loss

  • Sleeplessness

  • Excessive sweating

  • Tremors in extremities

Self care tips :

  • Green juices – Fresh green juices from nutrient dense vegetables such as kale, spinach and spirulina can help provide vital nutrients.

  • Whole foods – Processed foods should be avoided, so aim for fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

  • Include enough quantity of milk, pure ghee and milk products in food.

  • Eat fresh fruits like banana and melons, and dry fruits like dates and walnuts

Our Treatment approach

  • Detailed case Analysis to find out the Root cause of your Disease

  • Usage of Ayurveda or Homeopathy Medicines to reduce your Hormonal Imbalance

  • You will also get our Positive living work book with technique V.E.S.P.A to increase positivity in your life decrease stress and also to give a direction to your life.

  • Along with our Yoga expert will guide you with specific sets of Asanas and pranayams required to regulate your Breathe, Energy and Thyroid issues.

  • Our Dietitian will prepare a Customize diet plan and will also let you know about things you should avoid during this phase of your journey.

  • You will Find the Results within Two Months of our Treatment.

  • Our Team will be in constant touch with you and will constantly help you till Your Symptoms Improve.

Psychological Disease

    1 Depression
    2 Anxiety
    3 Relation counseling
    4 Obsessive compulsive disorder
    5 Phobias

Respiratory disease

    1 Asthma
    2 Chronic Cough and Cold
    3 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Skin diseases

    1 Allergy
    2 Acne /pimples
    3 Darkcircles
    4 Psoriasis

Body Issues

    1 Weight Gain
    2 Weight loss
    3 Hair loss
    4 Height Gain

THYROID Disorder

    1 Hyperthyroidism
    2 Hypothyroidism